5625 E Interstate 20 

Next to Lake Arlington

Fall is for Planting!

Now is the best time of year to plant a Tree! Take advantage of the cooler weather by planting a tree now. The roots will have all winter to grow and get established in your yard.

We have a great selection of fresh stock just in

(September 2017) including 

Shade Trees, Palms, Cedars, Evergreens and Ornamentals

We also carry specialty soils and organic solutions for your yard.

Call or visit if you need something specific.


Now how to get your new tree home?

We are happy to assist you with loading your purchase or with arranging delivery and/or planting through a reputable independent contractor.

Some plantings can be arranged to be done the same day as your purchase! Remember that our container grown trees can be planted year round.

Come in and let us help you pick

the perfect tree for your landscape.

Designs in Nature: The Tree Place was established in 1987. After many years of helping customers transform their yards in to works of art we have gone in the direction of primarily trees. We have therefore we changed the name Designs in Nature and have become The Tree Place. We specialize in Native Texas container grown trees that are recommended for planting in our area.


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